A need for a change

As I mentioned on my first post, I would like to start writing about how and why I started to think about studying an MBA. It wasn’t long ago when I first gave it a thought… and by then I couldn’t imagine how much work and effort would I have to go through!

Let me take you five months ago, to a very sweltering hot day of August in Madrid. I was at home, sitting peacefully with my fiancée in the couch, talking about work (we had one of those rough days at the office).

We then started to talk about launching our own company, discussing  different business ideas and the possibility to seriously consider one of them. We always have thought about creating our own company, and this time we were considering going one step further: to create a business in a foreign country. The United States was the first on the list.

I always wanted to create my own business, but I lacked the necessary tools to be successful in the enterpreneur’s world. I needed specific knowledge on certain subjects that I’ve never covered, neither at College nor at work.

Deepening in our conversation, I realized that the same knowledge that I needed to be successful as an enterpreneur, could boost my professional career as a consultant, my actual job.

To prosper in my field expertise and to reach someday my objectives, I needed to develop and exercise some skills like leadership, teamwork, accounting and financial principles, financial strategy, listening skills, ability to communicate with all levels of management, creative ways of thinking, project management skills, and others.

I already had some of these skills, I needed to practice several others, and there were ones that I needed to learn for the first time. So what could I do to grow, professionally speaking, in a short period of time and to familiarize myself with all these skills? My fiancée came up with a great solution: how about you study an MBA?

An MBA? Could this be the key to improve my professional career? . I opened my Mac, googled “MBA” and… I thought I knew how Colombus felt when he discovered the New World!

I started to read about the different MBA programs, about people’s experiences with an MBA, about people who were thinking to study one. These people are like me! We all have the same things in common!

I read, and I read, downloaded information, attended to meetings of several universities, visited an MBA fair in Madrid, and chatted with MBA students… As I digged more, I realized that this is what I always had desired.

It has been more that four months of researching, asking for information and going through a huge exercise to get to know me better, and this is what I’ve come up with:

  1. I would like to create my own company some day, and I need specific skills that are trainned and developed at an MBA.
  2. In order to give a qualitative jump in my professional career, I need to difference myself from my work mates. Furthermore, I need to be prepared for a more demanding position in my company, and to an ever changing business environment. Once again, an MBA could help me out.
  3. Since I came back to Spain, almost 10 years ago, I have always wanted to go back to the States. If I am thinking about studying an MBA, what a better place than the US, where there are the best MBA programs of the world?
  4. At this stage of my life, I’m thinking about working in an international environment, as part of a multicultural and geographically distributed team. I would like to be challenged with a more demanding position in a company, related with strategy and decissions making, to prepare myself better for tomorrow. Guess what? An MBA can provide me with this kind of jobs once I’ve finished it.

Driven by a need for a change in my life, I have found that an MBA would be a great door to open, in order to reach to a new level of experiences, knowledge and new goals. Ever since I started documenting myself about MBAs, I’m projecting all my strengths in the same direction: to get an MBA.

I know where I want to go. I know I can get there. I have the support of the ones who love me. It’s all up to me. Ready… Set… GO!!


One thought on “A need for a change

  1. Very good my friend, very good…….your english is still amazing!!LOL
    I´m glad that you start writing it and share with us your worries. And thank you for remind me that I’m reaching to thirties too!!!
    But don’t panic!I’ve already made a pact with devil.Next year I will be 25 again!!!
    Huge hug bro!!

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