Interview guide

Hi everyone!

This time I want to talk about a site that I’ve been finding very useful, and I wanted to share with you.

The blog is called “Not another MBA admissions blog” and this is the link: http://applyinthesky.wordpress.com/. The authors of this blog post about any topic related to the MBA admissions process, and they have given me very valuable tips so far!

This time, Apply in the sky (that’s how they call themselves), brings us a helpful set of links to articles and materials related to one of the most important steps in your way to an MBA: the interviews. Even though this stage is really ahead on my way to my MBA, I like to readInterview about all topics concerning my journey to a business school, to be better prepared for what awaits me.

I usually do very well on interviews, but there was this time when a responsible for human resources for a consulting firm shattered any chances I had on getting a job there. Before attending the interview, I prepared myself as I did for any other interview, but this woman caught me out of guard and torn me into pieces.

After this interview, once I got back home and started to realize what just happened, I evaluated what went wrong, why did it go wrong, and how could I had turned the situation into my favor.

Reading this article, I have found some tips that you can put into practice in any interview, and some of them would have helped me a lot back then.

I would not want to see myself again in a similar situation as I did back then, and definetly not in an interview concerning my admission to an MBA. So I will be spending as much time as possible when preparing my interviews, and this material will come very useful at that time.

I hope this was of help.


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