TOEFL: Speaking template

As promissed, I’ll be posting this time about a template for the TOEFL’s Speaking section. I will be using them for the next weeks in order to prepare myself for the test.

This post has been updated to safeguard copyright of the author, Club-MBA. If you want to find the original TOEFL speaking template, please visit the following link.

I will put them into practice for the next couple of weeks and, if something comes up from them, I’ll let you guys know.

Good luck with this section!


2 thoughts on “TOEFL: Speaking template

  1. I think you should get into the habit of speaking in English on similar topics to those you might have to talk about. I think that trying to expand on what you talk about will help you. What I mean is, try to add more to the topic. If you have an opinion, state it and then say why you have that opinion. hen you can add more. Add other details that you think are relevant. This is especially important when you practise but also during a speaking examination.

    From you blog entry, it seems that you will have only one minute to talk about each question. You should practise talking for one minute on different topics making sure you give all the important details.

    Here is a blog entry I wrote that might be useful for you. It’s about improving speaking fluency.

    • Thanks a lot John.

      I know I need to get into the habit of speaking English again, and the only way of doing so is just talking. I hope I can wake up the part of my brain that once used to be fluent in English in time for the test.

      We’ll be in touch.

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