TOEFL: Writing template

Hi there!

This time I want to share with you a very useful resource that will help you improve your chances on getting a higher score in the TOEFL test: the Writing template.

I already mentioned Club-MBA, an online community for Spanish speakers that is looking better every day. In the TOEFL section of the community, you can find a Writing template, written by Rid. It’s been helping me a lot to prepare the Writing, here is the link: http://www.club-mba.com/foro/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3.

I’ve been practicing with the template, and I have made some changes to it. Here is the result:

This post has been updated to safeguard copyright of the author, Club-MBA. If you want to find the original TOEFL writing template, please visit the following link.

I think this can help me get a good score in the Writing section. I just have two days to find out…


14 thoughts on “TOEFL: Writing template

  1. good luck this saturday morning !! above all, keep calm and be confident of your chances and language skills ( Think that you are almost bilingual) and go for it!!!

    we will in touch and I will keep up to date on my Toefl results.

    All the best,


  2. it’s a wonderful template. but what’s your final score after using it ? .. i would really appreciate if you answered me

  3. Thank you a lot! Did you also use this template when you took a TOEFL? In the case of mine, my score increased +10 points compared to not using your template. (from 11 to 21 !!)

      • Sorry for posting so many times. But I have a question about the structure of “Third paragraph” in Integrated Task. As you see, the part of sentence as following, “professor mentions …[x] …, the lecturer again….” is really correct?
        What you really want to write is not “professor” but “article”, isn’t it?

      • Yes, I understand the mean of “lecturer” is the “professor” in this case.

        I just thought that correct sentence is NOT “the professor mentions that [x]. However, the lecturer again contradicts the claim as [y].” BUT “the reading passage mentions that [x].
        However, the lecturer again contradicts the claim as [y].”
        Adhering fundamentally to your way to compose the sentence, I thought it’s natural.
        According to your sentence, the context of [x] is the professor’s support idea, and one of [y] is the article’s theory, right? If so, at the first seeing, at the first view, I couldn’t understand whose idea [y] is.

        Sorry for posting many times, overall, your article extremely help me improve. So I really appreciate you. Thank you.

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