GMAT rescheduled

Hi again,

As you all know, I’ll be getting married on may 28th, in less than two months!! We still have lots of stuff to do, and less time for the “yes, I do“. I never imagined that planning a wedding would have that many things to do, and the worst part is that, when you think you are done with a certain task, something happens that makes you spend even more time on that matter.

Someday I will be writing about how planning a wedding really is about, maybe I can lend a hand to others facing a wedding planning, and let them be aware of some facts!

The point is, that if you add up the time spent on planning the wedding, the endless and increasing hours working at the office (I started last month working with a new client, I work more hours than before, and I get home really late), house chores, and other stuff… most of the days I end up with zero hours left for preparing the GMAT.

So I have decided to reschedule the test after the wedding, I will be taking it by the end of june. I want to take the test when I am ready, and right now I feel that I still have a lot of work to do.

I have more time to prepare the GMAT, but that does not mean that I can relax, and loose the pace. With the wedding, and my actual and variable work schedule, I will have to make a huge effort and make the most of every hour of study.

The end of june is kind of late, and I can’t delay it anymore… so I will have to try to focus even more on the GMAT.


3 thoughts on “GMAT rescheduled

    • Sure!

      I’ll be needing all the motivation I can get! After long work days, lately I don’t have too much strength left to face the GMAT…

      How are you doing?

      • Doing better today.. finally have Study Plan in place and doing my best to stick to it. Will be sharing it soon on my blog, do let me know your feedback. Being on vacation these days makes it slightly easier for me 🙂

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