GMAT: how to register an appointment

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I register my GMAT appointment, and I didn’t mentioned anything about it. I wanted to share with you the basic information that you need to know in order to schedule your appointment to take the test, rescheduling and cancellation of a test, and so on. So here we go!

The first thing you need to know is that you have to schedule in advance your appointment. A lot of people take the test, and there aren’t that many examination centers, so you should plan in advance when you will want to take the test and schedule it as soon as possible.

Visit the official GMAT web site for more information: http://www.mba.com/.To schedule the exam, you will hace to go to the “Schedule an exam” section. Here, you will be asked the following:

  • Number of test centers shown closest to your location.
  • Your country.
  • Your address, city and zip code.

Then, you will be shown the closest GMAT test centers to your location, and you will be able to choose those examination centers where you consider taking the test.

Now you will be able to choose the date on which you desire to take the test and the different hours available for each day to do the exam. The test lasts about 4 hours and a half. When you have selected the date of your exam, you will have to make the payment of the test.

The registration fee for the GMAT is about US$250, depending on the country you selected to take your test. In Spain, for example, the test costs around 215€.

You may pay the test by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or JCB), debit card (Visa or MasterCard only), or by cashier’s check, money order, and personal check (by mail).

If, for whatever reason, you decide to reschedule your GMAT test, you will be able to do so, paying a fee that rounds US$50.

If you want to cancel your appointment, you may do so, taking into consideration the following:

  1. If you cancel your test at least seven full calendar days before the appointment, you will have the right to a refund of US$80.
  2. If you cancel your test within seven full calendar days of your appointment, you won’t get any refund and you will loose what you paid for the test.

As I have mentioned earlier, I will be taking the GMAT in the 21st of june, in about two months!! I bought The Official Guide for GMAT 12th Review, and so far my feelings about the book are positive: all the explanations are very clear, and there are lots of examples really well explained.

Official Guide GMAT 12 edition

I will be writing another time about the material that I have used to prepare the test. There are tons of resources out there and I will be selecting the best of them for preparing the test as best as I can.

Hope this info is useful for all of you.

Good luck with the GMAT!


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