Columbia: admissions options for 2012

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I’ve been thinking for a while about what to write about next in my blog and yesterday I got the answer: the different options there are for getting into an MBA at Columbia Business School.

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I read a Tweet of Columbia MBA about the options and deadlines for 2012 MBA applicants, and I thought it would be a good idea to share this info with you all.

At Columbia, there are two different MBA paths: one starting in August 2012 and another one starting in January 2013. Both options consist of four terms and merge when the third term starts, around the month of September of the second year, and finish in May of 2014.

Both possibilities are identical, and just differ that if you start in August, you will be able to complete a summer internship.

Columbia MBA pathsStatistics show that around 70% of the students choose to begin their studies in August, and most of them get a summer internship between their second and third term. You can either apply in early decision or regular decision.

Early decision is available for August applicants only, and has its deadline in early October 2011. If you are applying in early decision, you must sign a commitment statement, where you assure that you will withdraw and decline all offers from other universities and will accept the offer of Columbia Business School, in case you were to be selected. You also have to pay a nonrefundable tuition deposit of $6,000.

Regular decision applicants are considered after early decision is over. The application deadline for this option is in April 2012.

January entry will probably fit to you if you do not need an internship, and it’s ideal for students who do not plan to switch industry after graduation or pursue entrepreneurial objectives. Statistics show that about 30% of the students choose to start their MBA at Columbia in January.

You can find this info in the following article.

If you are thinking about an MBA at Columbia, I bet you are already thinking which option suits you better!


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