Chicago Booth: awesome campus visit

And I’m back!

After an incredible trip to the States, I’ve just came back to Spain four days ago, and I couldn’t spend more time without telling you all about my campus visit to Chicago Booth, and about the city itself.

As I mentioned before, I went for my honeymoon to the US, and one of the cities that we went to visit was Chicago. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the school! My wife accepted to visit the university, even though we were on our honeymoon. Even her was also was anxious to visit Booth!

We got to Chicago early on Thursday 2nd, and we went to take a walk around the city. After more than four hours walking, we ended up in a skyscraper having a nice cocktail watching the skyline of Chicago. The views were amazing, and we really loved what we visited that day.

Chicago Skyline

On Friday we had to wake up really early in order to get to Booth on time. We had to be at the Admissions Office by 8:15! So we woke up early, had breakfast on a great place that served the best pancakes we had in the US, and took a cab to campus. It took us almost 20 minutes with traffic from downtown to campus, and we had to pay the taxi driver $20, so we decided to take the metro when returning to the hotel!

Harper Center Chicago Booth

We headed to the Admissions Office, were they gave us more information about the school, a sticker with our names on it to wear them during the visit, and we had to decide which class we wanted to attend.

We chose Competitive Strategy, with professor Marc Knez, and found the class really interesting. It was really cool to be part in a real class in Booth, and we were able to follow the entire lecture. I was amazed by the approach to the topic they were discussing on class. I really can’t wait to start my MBA!!

We left the class during the break, after 1 hour and a half of lecture, and headed to the Admissions Office again, for the Information Session. We met two Admissions Staff members and a current student. We talked about Booth, and we were able to ask some questions about the school and the application process. We found really interesting the chat with the current student, and I got some useful tips on how to approach the application process, and found out several stuff about the University.

Afterwards, a Greek student (it’s great to meet people from different nationalities) took us on a tour around the Harper Center. The facility is amazing! It is beautiful, everything is brand new, and you have lots of things to do inside.

I have to say that the day we visited the school was the last day that they held the campus visit, because it was graduation for the second year’s students, and it was the last day of class! After June 3rd you can still visit Booth, but you won’t be able to assist to any class.

After the tour, we could have had lunch with a student inside the center, but we had to leave and miss lunch. We wanted to meet some Booth students from Spain and we agreed to meet with them in the Gleacher Center. This facility is right in the middle of the city, right next to the river. If a Booth student ever misses a class, he/she will able to assist that class again at the Gleacher Center on the evenings, or even during the weekend.

We spent the afternoon with them, and really had a good time. They were very friendlyChicago boat tour and answered all of our questions. We talked about the school, about the city of Chicago and about how was it to live there… Thanks a lot guys for spending with us such a great time! They even advised us about what boat tour should we take to visit Chicago. We got tickets for one right in front of the Gleacher Center, one exactly the same as in the picture.

After that, we had a whole more day for visiting the rest of the city. We have a good impression of Chicago and loved the city. Something that really impressed us about Chicago was the weather. The first day the weather was around 15 º Celsius, the next day 30º, and the following 30º, suddenly dropping to 15º again during a huge storm.

Summarizing, we had a great time in Chicago, awesome city! We enjoyed the campus visit to the Harper Center, and loved the chat with the students of Booth. To all whom are considering doing an MBA, you really should visit the School before applying!

On my next post I will write about Columbia Business School, I got the chance to be on campus!

See ya around!


3 thoughts on “Chicago Booth: awesome campus visit

  1. I’m glad to hear that your visit to Chicago Booth was fruitful and you enjoyed your stay in Chicago. I hope you are a good fit for Chicago Booth and become the next admitted student of its excellent MBA programm.


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