GMAT: 14 days left

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted something in the blog. I’ve been really busy studying for the GMAT. Finally, I’ll be taking it on July 13th, after postposing it twice because of my wedding and the honey moon.

I’ve been preparing the GMAT a lot since I came back from the States. I decided to use Manhattan GMAT exams to prepare myself for what I must expect on the test day. This way, I’m also able to keep track of my progress over time and to have a better idea of what fields of the test I must prepare the most.

I’m also finding really helpful the Club-MBA GMAT forum, where I’ve been able to find guides, tips and other useful information about the test. Every now and then, they post questions from the GMAT, so I have been able to practice even more for the test.

So far, I’ve done three exams with the following results: 560 (Q40, V28), 560 (Q40, V28) and 570 (Q44, V24). Oh dear, I’m in trouble!! But I must keep up the confidence and try to get a good conclusion from these scores.

So far, I have just prepared the Quant section of the GMAT. I am not doing that bad on the math part of the test, and I must say that I’m happy with the results I’m getting after a week of study of real preparation for the exam. In the other hand, I can see that I need to improve considerably in the Verbal section. So, I started two days ago to prepare the Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning parts of the GMAT. I hope to see improvements when I take another test this weekend.

Because of my job, and due to the fact that a real test simulation takes around 3 hours and a half, I just can take GMAT tests during the weekends. And that leaves me with just two weekends before I face the GMAT!!

I will try to keep you posted this weekend on whether or not I have made any improvements in the verbal section, and how will I be facing the last 10 days before the test.

Take care… and wish me luck!!



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