Run over by the GMAT

Hi there!

As you all know, I took the GMAT three days ago. I wanted to share with my readers my first experience with the test, and I wish I could write about who well it went. But it didn’t. I crashed so badly that I feel ashamed of how bad my score was!! It’s kind of hard  and embarrassing to share such a bad experience as this one, but I have to face what happened and take the actions needed in order to recover from this low blow.

Three days after, I think I am in better conditions to try to explain what happened with my exam. My unofficial score was the following: 480 (29%) – Q 31(27%), V 25(35%). Unbelievable…

First of all, I must say that I’ve done 6 Manhattan GMAT tests, and it went much better than in my real test. My score range went from 560 (Q40/61%, V28/51%) to 640 (Q44/73%, V34/72%).

Let me tell you how I lived the hours prior to the exam.

The night before, I went to bed early and slept enough. I wasn’t nervous before the test and I went there to do the best I could. I knew that I wouldn’t get the 700 I aimed for, as I was far from that score in my practice tests, but I hoped to perform around the 650s. This took off a lot of pressure, and I started the test very calm.

The AWA section went pretty well, I used in both questions all the 30 minutes to review what I wrote and I took the optional break to be 100% fresh for the quant section.

About the quantitative section there is not much to say. I felt ok resolving many of the questions, but I had problems with the timing. With 10 questions left, I realized that I had just around 10 minutes available. 5 of those 10 questions that I had left turned out to be DS questions, and I had to rush over them, so I might got several of them wrong. Maybe that explains my low grade in this part of the GMAT.

I had similar difficulties in the verbal section. I had to rush on the last 12 questions or so. I even answered the last one with just one second left on the clock, so I do not know if I actually got to answer that one. I never scored well in this part of the test, so I didn’t expect any miracles…

So, after I  finished the test, and I saw my score I felt perplexed! I couldn’t believe that I scored so poorly! I knew that I struggled with the last 10 questions on each section, but I couldn’t undertand how I got such a low score!

Right now I am still thinking about what steps should I take in order to face the GMAT again. I might take several classes in order to try to rise my verbal score. In 20 days of preparation I’ve been unable to get more than a 34 in this section.

I will spend the month of August preparing the GMAT once again. I’m not done with it and sure enough I won’t give up now. I’m just getting started and I knew that this would not be an easy road to cross.

Everything is getting a little bit more complicated, but I know I can do this. I know I can get the score I need on the GMAT. I’ll keep posting about my experience with it, as well as how I start building my applications to the schools I have selected.

Let’s keep up the hard work!


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