Chicago Booth: Deadlines and Essay Topics 2011-2012

Hi all!

Chicago Booth logoLast week The University of Chicago Booth School of Business published its deadlines and essay topics for 2011 – 2012.


  • Online Application available on early August 2011.
  • Round 1 deadline: October 12, 2011.
  • Round 2 deadline: January 12, 2012.
  • Round 3 deadline: April 4, 2012.

Essay topics

  1. What are your short – and long – term goals, and how will a Chicago Booth MBA help you reach them? (600 words)
  2. RE-APPLICANTS ONLY: Upon reflection, how has your thinking regarding your future, Chicago Booth, and/or getting an MBA changed since the time of your last application? (300 words)
  3. At Chicago Booth, we believe each individual has his or her own leadership style. How has your family, culture, and/or environment influenced you as a leader? (750 words)
  4. Considering what you’ve already included in the application, what else should we know about you? In a maximum of four slides, tell us about yourself.

I already have started working on them, and so far I’m having a good time thinking about what to write on each question. I find them similar to last year essay questions.

You can find this information in Chicago Booth’s full-time MBA Admissions blog, Booth Insider, as well as an explanation provided by the Admissions staff about how to approach each question.

Good luck to everyone applying to Booth!


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