GMAT appointment scheduled

After my fiasco with the GMAT on my first attempt, I will try once again to take the test, and this time I am sure I will achieve my goal: the 700 barrier.

I have scheduled my GMAT appointment for the 20th of September. I really liked the examination center in Madrid, so I will take the test once again on the offices at Calle Hermosilla.

I started to prepare my second assault on the 20th of August, after a nice and needed break from the GMAT. I think that taking some time off from the GMAT was a good idea, since I already felt on the line when I scored so badly on the 13th of July. Now I feel more relaxed, and I have more energy and confidence to face the test once again.

However, I have been really busy during this GMAT break, since I had to start preparing my essays for the business schools. So far, I have a draft for my top choice school, and I am starting to work on the outline of another.

I plan to finish covering all the quant and verbal section some time during this week, and I want to take a GMAT Prep test next weekend, to check if my level is higher or about the same as before.

I will keep you all updated about my progress.


2 thoughts on “GMAT appointment scheduled

  1. I took my first attemp in June and I got a 580, I needed at least a 600 for my goal, so it was quite annoying. A month layer I took the exam again and got 660. So improvement is possible in GMAT.

    ánimo and good luck!

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