Impressions about Chicago Booth’s student-hosted event at Madrid

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend Chicago Booth’s student-hosted event at Madrid, held at a nice, good looking place called Castellana DF, well located in the Spanish capital. I was accompanied by my wife, and we enjoyed the time spent there. Here is a picture of the place.

Madrid restaurant

This event was the first of the two events that Chicago Booth will hold in Spain. For more information about Booth’s 2011 events in Madrid, check this post.

I had the chance to have a drink with really nice guys. I met a first year student, who will start her last year at the school in less than a month. Also, there were several alumni, some recently graduated and others with even six years of post-MBA experience.

I already knew three people of the School that attended the event. I met two of them, Spaniards, during my visit to Chicago. I also knew a Taiwanese working at Santander Central Hispano that I met the previous year at an Admissions Informational Event in Madrid. I had the chance to catch up with them, and learn their latest experiences after graduation.

So as you can imagine, I had the chance to talk to people with different backgrounds that helped me get different points of view about the School, its flexible program and the possibilities that you could have, once you graduate from Chicago Booth.

There were many prospective students, with whom I chatted about what Chicago Booth had to offer to anyone considering an MBA, and the different programs we were considering. It was really interesting to meet people so diverse from one to another, but with similar goals and ideas.

After two hours exchanging points of view and experiences, I said goodbye to the attendees and headed home with good feelings about the event. I liked getting to know more about the Business School, and how is life of an MBA graduate. Also, it’s wonderful to meet new people; I think it enriches you a lot as a person.


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