Kellogg School of Management: not just a marketing School

Last week I had the chance of attending to the Kellogg Student Ambassador Event held at Madrid.

Kellogg logo

I must be sincere, and say that before the event, I thought that Kellogg was just a Marketing School with a strong focus on General Management. Last Thursday I could find out that I was mistaken, and that Kellogg is definitely a really good School to take into account when applying for an MBA.

But first, let me tell you about the event itself, since I really liked it and it is worth mentioning.

We were called to McKinsey’s Office at Calle Sagasta, Madrid. I had never been at the famous consulting firm’s office, and I must say it seemed to be really good! The office is located at a 10 minutes walk from my client’s office. Because there was such a nice weather, I took a nice walk to Calle Sagasta.

There were at the event 3 people from Kellogg: one second year student, one alumni recently graduated and about to start working for McKinsey, and a 2010 alumni working for Google. They were good people, anxious to show us everything the know about the School, and they did!

We were gathered at a nice spacious room, where they gave us a presentation about the School. We were a total of 10 people at the event, including me and my wife, so we all had the chance to ask all the questions we wanted, both during and after the presentation.

Overall, the event lasted for two hours and a half, and after the presentation, we were offered beverages and something to eat. At that time I was really grateful for a nice cold coke!

By the end, what can I say that I learned about Kellogg? What I mentioned at the beginning of this post, that Kellogg is not just a marketing and general management School. It has also a strong bet for entrepreneurship, for example, with several active clubs and a very good faculty.

One thing that really impressed me was how everything at Kellogg moved around the students, and how they were responsible for all the things that happened inside the School. For example, I really liked the trip that you get to make with your future class mates before the MBA starts, the KWEST (Kellogg Worldwide Experiences and Service Trips), and how it is organized by second year students, they told us awesome stories about these trips!

As you might know, Kellogg is located at the North of Chicago, at a place called Evanston. They mentioned how good it was to live in the surroundings of the School, and how all the students always had something going on in the area. According to them, it was impossible to get bored in Evanston!

One thing that was present during the whole presentation and afterwards, during our chat with the alumni, was that Kellogg payed much importance to team work. Personally, I find myself as a good team member, and I love to be surrounded and working with people at my job. So I really liked that fact about the School!

I must say that now I regret not visiting the School during my honeymoon, back in June. But what’s done is done! By then, I didn’t know what Kellogg could offer me, and we really did not have that much time, after all, I was on a honeymoon!

So, I hope that after reading this, at least you will know that Kellogg is not just a Marketing School! And that even though is located at the North of Chicago, you can always visit downtown in just a 20 minutes drive from Evanston, or stay in the area to enjoy the endless activities organized by Kellogg’s students.

Take care!


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