Chicago Booth: Full-Time MBA Reception at Madrid

I have just got back to my place after spending two great hours at Fundación Rafael del Pino, where today Chicago Booth held its Admissions Informational Event for its Full-Time MBA Program.

Chicago Booth Informational Admissions Event

The event was hosted by Kelly Curtain, Associate Director of the Admissions Department, very nice woman. She answered all of the questions that the attendees formulated her, and gladly spoke with us after the School’s presentation.

Kelly lived in Washington DC, where I spent three years, and played soccer in the area where I used to live, it’s really a small world after all! I was a soccer player back in my High School days, and played both for my School and for a soccer club. But then I injured my uncle, had surgery, and spent several years without been able to play.

Anyways, back to the event! Two alumni came to the reception and shared their experience with us: an entrepreneur of the class of 2001 and Jose, class of 2011 and who happened to be part of the Admissions Committee.

As this was the second time I attended this event, and after visiting the School and talking with a lot of Boothies, I didn’t learn many new things, but I settled down some basic concepts about the School.

After a 40 minutes presentation about Chicago Booth’s MBA program and the application process, we had the chance of talking to Kelly and the alumnus. I met several people who were either thinking about applying to Booth or where about to apply this year. Is always good to meet people with the same interests and motivations as you!

So, after this event, I just have two things left to do: get my desired score on the GMAT (I rescheduled my appointment to the 7th of October) and finish and submit the application.


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