GMAT: last week before the test

This is it! Just one week left for my second try on the GMAT. Next Friday, 7th October, I will take the test once again, and this time I’m much better prepared than the last time.

I have been studying a lot for my second attempt. I have even taken private classes with a great GMAT teacher in Madrid. My method to prepare this second assault has been the following:

  • 30 hours of GMAT classes
  • Official Guide, 12th Edition: I have done all the SC and PS problems
  • Official Guide, 11th Edition: I have done all the SC and CR problems
  • I have studied by heart the flashcards of Beat the GMAT

I also have done several mock tests, with an average score range from 640 (Q42&V35) to 680 (Q46&V38) over the last week. The verbal section was my greatest weekness, so I have worked really hard on improving my score in this section, making a lot of progress in one month of study.

Furthermore, I feel more confortable with the quant section, but if I want to get the 700s, I need to increase even more my score. I will be working this week really hard on this, trying to gain more speed, as I always have trouble with the time in the math section.

I am taking a test each night, and I have been going to sleep no earlier than 1 a.m. every night since the begining of September. In addition, I’m applying to a Business School… so you can imagine how tired I am by now!

I will not postpone the test date any more; as I have already mentioned, I want to apply to a Business School and its round 1 deadline is October 12th, and I need to increase A LOT my GMAT score.

I hope to get as lucky as when Rafa Nadal did the GMAT :P!

Rafael Nadal after taking the GMAT

So… just one week left!… DAMN!! I’m already nervous!!!


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