GMAT: third attempt!

And here we go again! GMAT scheduled for the third time!!GMAT logo

After been crushed by the GMAT for the second time, I decided that I would give it another try. I had a really bad day and I know that I can perform much better on the test.

I have scheduled the test for the next 22nd of November, and I have already started to prepare the GMAT once again.

My first attempt on the GMAT was painful: 480 (Q31, V25, AWA 5). The second time went better, but not as I had planned: 580 (Q42, V28, AWA 5.5). I have improved in all sections, and increased my score by 100 points.

This time I want to improve at least 120 points, and reach my objective: 700+. So far I have practiced at home doing official GMAT problems, and I’m feeling much more comfortable with every kind of questions, both in the quant and verbal section. I’m working on the weaknesses I have identified after messing up on the real test, and I have experienced a notable improvement.

I will post next time to share with you my scores on the prep tests.


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