Business Schools I will apply to

Ok, enough about the GMAT, there is a lot more to talk about, and this time I want to write about Business Schools I am considering applying.

When I started to analyze each Business School, I took into consideration several facts such as location, areas of expertise, comments of its students, rankings, outplacement, and employers that hire at the School.Considering Business Schools

Based on my requirements, and my research, I created a list of 17 Business Schools that I liked: Berkeley Haas, Chicago Booth, Columbia, Darden, Duke Fuqua, Emory, Georgetown McDonough, Johnson Cornell, Kellogg, New York Stern, Ross, Stanford, Tepper, UCLA, UT Austin, Wharton, and Yale.

I had the opportunity to visit two of the Schools I mentioned above several months ago, and I had the chance to attend several off-campus receptions. You must have heard that it is really useful to visit the School that you are considering, and I must say that I agree 100% on this point. I had the chance to interact with students and admissions staff of both Schools, I visited the campus, the surrounding area, and the city. After this experience, I knew if I would want to live in a particular city, or whether I would apply to that School. I had more information to discard a School or to definitely apply to it.

After talking with many students from different Schools, visiting some of them, attending several events and reunions, I have made up my mind, and I have narrowed the list to just 10 Business Schools: Columbia, Chicago Booth, Duke Fuqua, Georgetown McDonough, Johnson Cornell, Kellogg, Ross, Stanford, UCLA, and Yale.

As you all know, recently I took the GMAT and scored a 640, and even though I’m not happy with this score, I will be applying to several Schools before I retake the test once again (yeah, I’ve made up my mind, but this is a different story).

In the following days, I will be posting about these Schools, and I will provide you some useful information about each one. However, I won’t apply to all of them, since I will be preparing the GMAT and I won’t have enough time.

To narrow even more the list, I am contacting each School, and I’m talking with students so that I get the best picture possible about each institution. The idea is to apply to just five or six Business Schools. Yeah, I know, I have a lot of work to do.

I have already completed two applications, and over the next two weeks I will probably apply to two of these Schools. I’ll keep you updated!


4 thoughts on “Business Schools I will apply to

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