Happy First Blog-Anniversary!

Today is my first blog-annyversary!!Fireworks

One year ago I decided that I would start my own blog, and that I would write about all my experiences applying to top MBA programs.

Is amazing how time goes by so fast. Looking back, I’m amazed about how many things have changed in my life since the 10th of December of 2010, and I should be proud for all the things that I have done over the last year.

One year ago, I had the need for a change, and I started to attend to MBA reunions and fairs, seeking information about what was an MBA, and what could such programs offer me.

I was inmediatly fascinated about the idea, and after just a couple of weeks talking to MBA graduates and students, I knew that I had found what I was really looking for. That’s when I started to prepare my way so that I would go to a top Business School, starting an MBA program in the Fall of 2012.

I began to prepare the TOEFL right away. I took the test on February 2011 and got a good score. I joined Club-MBA, where I met many amazing people, and contacted many alumni and current MBA students. It seemed then as it would be a nice path to walk, but I was wrong!

After the TOEFL, I scheduled as soon as possible my GMAT test, my next move towards being admitted to Business School. I wanted to take the GMAT before getting married. What a fool! I was busier than ever preparing the wedding, our honeymoon trip, working on a new and much demanding project. I was unable to study, and I rescheduled my test after my honeymoon.

I began studying when I got back from our trip. I didn’t study enough, and so I didn’t get to know the test very well. I subestimated the exam, and I was run over by the GMAT. While “studying” for the GMAT, I kept doing some research about the Schools, the application process, and so forth.

After my first attempt, I realized that the GMAT would be more difficult than I thought. I took one month off to started prepare my application. I returned to the GMAT by mid August, and I studied for two months, full speed, to get the score I was seeking for: +700.

I wanted to apply to several Schools before round 1 deadlines, therefore, I took the test once again on October. I didn’t manage time well enough on my test day, and I run out of time on both sections; the result: two attempts, two failures.

By then I was really anoyed with me: I had two applications 100% done, and I couldn’t apply because I forgot the number one GMAT rule: time management. Right away, I scheduled another test day for the end of November. I studied more than ever, and I got the best results on my practice tests, scoring as high as 760 the weekend before my exam.

I faced my third attempt on the GMAT really confident, but once again things did not go as planned, and I scored 640. I could not believe it! After all the hard work, I scored lower than any of my latest GMAT practice tests!

This happened two weeks ago… and now, after a year of preparation, I find myself with a low GMAT score, a burden on my record, working full speed on my applications and preparing the GMAT for the fourth time!

I have two applications ready to submit, and I have already applied to Kellogg. Over the following weeks, I will also finish one more application, and I will take the GMAT on the 4th of January.

So, what are my next goals? I want to get a higher score on the GMAT (I hope to achieve this in less than a month!), I will submit my application to five Business Schools (all top Schools, competitives, and that will help me reach my goals), and finally I will apply to several scholarships (I don’t know you guys, but I don’t have the money to pay for all this). Hopefully, I will be accepted to one of the best Schools in the world, and I will start my MBA in just eight months.

A whole year summarized in a bunch of paragraphs, but there are not enought of them that I could write to capture my willingness and motivation pursuing this dream.

I’ll keep you updated on my following moves.


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