Kellogg: Madrid Student Ambassador Winter Event

I have just come back from Kellogg’s Student Ambassador Witer Event at Kellogg logoMadrid. I have been with several current students that have just come for winter break to Spain. Also, there were several alumni that came by to say hello and to share their experiences after their MBA.

The event was held at McKinsey’s Madrid office. There were a lot of people representing the school; I think I counted around 12 students and alumni at the event. There were even partners and one admitted student for the class of 2014!

They went straight to talk about their experience at Kellogg, sharing with us their past experiences and their goals for once they finish the MBA. They didn’t present the traditional PowerPoint presentation, something I appreciated since I already know a lot about the school. This way I could focus on those aspects that most interested me, and to do some networking. I met several students that did not know before, great people! I also met several of what could be my future classmates, very bright and nice guys.

I am really happy that I made it to the event. I am even more convinced, if that is possible, that I have made the right decision applying to Kellogg. By the way, yesterday I finished my essays! I have one recommendation submitted and, as soon as I receive the other recommendation, I will submit part II of my application. Can’t wait!

Good luck to you all applying to Kellogg!!


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