Duke’s interview

After several frustrated attempts, I finally had the opportunity to get together with myDuke Fuqua School of Business logo Duke’s interviewer, an Argentinean of the class of 2003 who lives in Madrid.

 We arranged to meet at a Starbuck in Calle Orense, next to the financial district of Madrid. It was close to my office and I know several peers that live in the very same building where we met, so I was somewhat nervous about somebody appearing in the middle of our interview. However, this never happened.

Calle Orense, Madrid

My interviewer made it clear that she was more interested on finding out what type of person I am, and what moves me, than on my professional experience. After explaining me that the interview was just another step on my application, we started to chat.

The following are some of the questions that I was asked:

  1. Tell me about yourself, about your life.
  2. Internships and jobs where you have worked.
  3. Do you like your job?
  4. Why an MBA?
  5. What are your short and long-term goals?
  6. Experiences working in teams.
  7. Tell me something about a person that you admire at work.
  8. What do you look for in a person that will be working in your team?
  9. What are you: a leader or a team member?
  10.  How would your friends describe you?
  11. Why Duke’s MBA?
  12. Have you visited the school? AndDurham?
  13. I supposed you have applied to other schools, what do you like most about Duke?
  14. How would you contribute to Duke?
  15. What traits make you unique so that we would choose you instead of other people?
  16. What do you do for fun?

The interview lasted for 45 minutes, and then I had the opportunity to ask my interviewer some questions. We spend another 15 minutes talking about my interviewer’s experiences, the school, its program and the city of Durham. During the entire interview we spoke in English.

I think that I did a better job that in my Kellogg’s interview, and that my interviewer left with a good impression about me. She told me that she would write her report and send it to the school, and that the school would contact me on the 20th of March letting me know its final decision.

I am already eager to know whether I will be admitted! I can’t believe that after more than a year of hard work I am so close to being accepted to a top MBA program.

Quick reminder about my applications:

  • Booth – rejected.
  • Kellogg – interviewed and waiting for final decision.
  • Fuqua – interviewed and waiting for final decision.
  • Anderson – no news so far.

I’ll let you know if something else comes up!


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