Awaiting for News

It’s true what they say about the waiting period for final decisions: it’s endless!!

However, time flies and shortly I’ll know the final decisions of two of the schools I applied to: Duke’s decision notification is on March 20th, and Kellogg’s is on March 26th. I can’t believe that I might know whether I’ll be studying an MBA next year in less than 10 days! I’m really excited about this, and also kind of fearful too! Is the bad thing about the waiting stage, you have too much time to think.

And I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Anderson: what is going on in LA? I haven’t had any news from them, and already I’m starting to think that I’ll be rejected from UCLA. However, last Friday I read that they are still sending out interviews invites, and that they will be doing so for a couple more weeks. I must be positive and keep waiting.

I have been doing a lot of things over the last weeks. I’ve had time to travel and visit my friends and family: I went to Cáceres to visit a friend of mine who is working in the Cáceres basketball team, I went to Santiago de Compostela to visit part of my family, and to Pontevedra to see one of my brothers, who just got into the Spanish Navy. I will be visiting Toledo next weekend with my wife, and Austria the week after. I still have to decide when I’ll go visit my friends and family to Cádiz, and whether I’ll go to Bilbao during the Spring Break.

On the other hand, I have been doing more research about the Schools I am waiting for: Duke, Kellogg and Anderson. I’ve been reaching MBA students and alumni to find out about their experiences at school,learning more about the school calendar, the locations where students live in each city, cost of living, etc.

I have also started to work on several personal projects, and I had to learn to use several tools to create web pages and applications. I also have time to read (right now I’m reading the latest book of the adventures of  Captain Alatristre, a fictional seventeenth-century Spanish soldier; they made a movie about Alatriste, played by Viggo Mortensen, several years ago).

I have the feeling that I will not have much spare time shortly, when I start my MBA, so I am enjoying every single minute now.


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