Kellogg decision: Waitlist

This morning I have done the same thing that I have been doing for the last week: Kellogg logolog in to my Kellogg application, and I was surprised to see that the status of my application showed a different text this time. Without having time to think, I read that I was being waitlist at Kellogg, the second waitlist in 48 hours!!

Though I’m really happy about still having chances of getting into Kellogg, I’m kind of anxious about the steps that I need to take to get out of the waitlist and become admitted. The waitlist FAQ states that I should wait until the week of April 2 to contact the Admissions Office for further information on my candidacy. However, they clearly state that: “… we require no additional information; however, we welcome updates, via email, that may have occurred at any time since the application was submitted. Significant updates may include an updated test score, promotion, new employer, change in contact information, etc. 

We discourage the submission of additional letters of recommendation or references from third parties, as we prefer to hear directly from our candidates. We also discourage applicants from calling frequently to inquire about status on the waitlist. “

In the next hours I will post about my decisions for turning those waitlists into admissions offers. I am closer than ever to reach my dream.


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