Waitlisted, what now?

As you might have already read, recently I was waitlisted at Fuqua and Kellogg. Since the moment I received those news, I started to gather information about business school’s waitlists and what it meant to be waitlisted. Arm yourself with patience, you still have work to do.

The first thing you must do when you are waitlisted is… to do exactly what they are telling you to do. Read the FAQ that the business school provides you, and follow its advises. It seems stupid, but the last thing that one should do is to do something that the school does not want you to do. You would be showing that rules do not apply to you, not a good sign, is it?

Depending on the school that waitlisted you, the admissions committee will be interested on hearing your latest accomplishments, or it might not want to hear nothing at all from you. Once again, follow what they have told you on the FAQ.

If the school is interested on learning about your latest professional accomplishments, or receive more recommendations, write an e-mail as if you were writing an essay with information you would like the schools to know, and think of a recommender that can provide different and useful information about you. Always provide new information, do not go over stuff that you already covered on your application. Also, you can try to get a recommendation from a student or alumni.

If the school tells you that they have enough information and that they will contact you if they need anything else, refrain from sending anything or even contacting the Admissions Office. It might be the hardest situation for anyone being waitlisted, but you must deal with it and do as they say.

On the other hand, you should also be thankful that you still have chances of getting in to the MBA of your dreams. A lot of people were rejected, and you can still prove to the admissions committee that you are a perfect candidate and that you fit in their school. Keep working to get in, you are almost there!!


Finally, you should review your entire application and assess the reasons for being waitlisted, so that you will know what facts you must improve so that you end up being accepted. One of those reasons might be low tests scores. If that is so, you should consider retaking the GMAT and/or the TOEFL.

Regardless of what you do, you must be cautious not to contact the schools with no useful information. Make sure that every time you contact the admissions committee you have an interesting story, or an important fact that you want to add to your application.

Good luck if you were waitlisted and remember, hope is the last thing to lose.


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