UCLA Anderson decision: Waitlist

And that is the third waitlist decision in a row!! To be honest, I didn’t expect thisUCLA Anderson logo decision, since I haven’t had any news from Anderson since I submitted my application on January, so I was really happy! After all, they haven’t even invited me to interview!

I received an e-mail this morning letting me know that I had my MBA admissions decision available. I wasn’t expecting this e-mail so early, because of the time difference between Spain and California.

The message stated that I was being waitlisted, and specifically about updates, it mentioned that:

“Email updates will follow from us on a regular basis as the situation evolves.  Please let us know if you would like to withdraw from consideration at any time by sending an email to our wait-list manager at wlmgr@anderson.ucla.edu.
You may also send questions or provide additional information to the wait-list manager if you wish.  This is optional, and we appreciate the professional judgment you show in sending only pertinent information for our committee to consider.”

As with Kellogg and Fuqua, I still have work to do if I want to be part of Anderson’s class of 2014.


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