GMAT: round five, fight!

GMAT logoYeah, it is time!! After a three month break from the GMAT, I have decided to take the test for the fifth time! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

I always had in mind to retake the test once I started my MBA, after several months of improving my English and using math every day. However, after being waitlisted from three business schools this year, I think it’s better to start studying now, as I would like to take the test before the schools make a final decision on my application.

Besides, a new edition of the GMAT guide just came out, so I will have new material to prepare the test, as I already have reviewed the 12th edition guide several times.

I will make a plan for the following month, trying to concentrate on improving my performance on the verbal section. I am reading in English every day, and lately I have been speaking in English a lot. Furthermore, I have just started working in an international project, which is perfect for me! On the other hand, I will try to raise my highest math score, practicing those topics that are harder for me.

I would like to take the test by the end of May. Time to work!


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