UCLA Anderson update coming up shortly

UCLA Anderson logoSeveral days ago I received a notification from UCLA Anderson letting me know that my application was being reviewed. They started reviewing all waitlist candidates in parallel with round 3 candidates, and the Admissions Committee expects to release updates in early May. However, they have until June 6th to notify all candidates.

Everything is being very intense with Anderson. When I thought that I was going to be rejected, I was waitlisted and did the interview in just one week, and I might receive a final decision shortly. I know, after talking with several Anderson students, that life at school is intense; this is just an example of Anderson’s MBA experience.

I’ll let you know as soon as I receive an update from UCLA.


2 thoughts on “UCLA Anderson update coming up shortly

  1. hopefully you’ll hear some good news. I’m just about to graduate from Anderson; it’s been a great experience. If you don’t get in; don’t fret… I got rejected the first time I applied, and re-applied the next year. Should you take the re-app route, you’ll have to show some update in your application, i.e. get a better GMAT, maybe take some prep courses (I took Stats & Calculus) and refine your career story, but take heart! it can be done!

    • Thanks for your comment!!
      Let’s wait and see how this story ends. I am already working on improving my weaknesses, in case I have to reapply next year.
      Have you decided what you are going to do after school? Good luck!

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