Rejected from Kellogg

Kellogg logoMore bad news: rejected from Kellogg!! Seems like my good luck has run out. Today after lunch I received the email from Kellogg letting me know that I was left without a spot in Kellogg’s class of 2014. At least I didn’t have to wait as many hours as with Fuqua!

Right now I am just awaiting for Anderson’s decision, my last hope!!

About the GMAT, I haven’t been able to study at all over the last weeks. I’m busier than ever at work, and a lot of things are going on at the office. So I guess I will have to take it after the summer, with the new format.


2 thoughts on “Rejected from Kellogg

  1. Stumbled across your page when looking for Kellogg waitlist information.
    We have a lot in common, both just rejected from Kellogg waitlist and both attempted the gmat FIVE times! I never expected to do it more than once and from the start I was scoring 700+ in practice and on the day I kept getting terrible Quant scores. I finally went from 680 to 740 AFTER most of my decisions had been rendered. Thought it would help me on the K waitlist but NO!

    If you want any tips on how I overcame the GMAT hit me up!

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