New York University Stern 2012 – 2013 Application

NYU Stern logoRecently NYU Stern announced the deadlines for its full-time MBA program:

  • Round1 – November 15, 2012.
  • Round 2 – January 15, 2013.
  • Round 3 – March 15, 2013.

Prospective students must complete three essays:

  • Essay 1 – Professional aspirations (750 words):
    • a) Why pursue an MBA (or dual degree) at this point in your life?
    • b) What actions have you taken to determine that Stern is the best fit for your MBA experience?
    • c) What do you see yourself doing professionally upon graduation?
  • Essay 2 – Your two paths (5o0 words). “The mission of the Stern School of Business is to develop people and ideas that transform the challenges of the 21st century into opportunities to create value for business and society. Given today’s ever-changing global landscape, Stern seeks and develops leaders who thrive in ambiguity, embrace a broad perspective and think creatively about the range of ways they can have impact”. 
    • a) Describe two different and distinct paths you could see your career taking long term. How do you see your two paths unfolding?
    • b) How do your paths tie to the mission of NYU Stern?
    • c) What factors will most determine which path you will take?
  • Essay 3 – Personal expression: Please describe yourself to your MBA classmates. You may use almost any method to convey your message (e.g. words, illustrations). Feel free to be creative.
  • Optional Essay – Please provide any additional information that you would like to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee. This may include current or past gaps in employment, further explanation of your undergraduate record or self-reported academic transcript(s), plans to retake the GMAT, GRE and/or TOEFL or any other relevant information. If you are unable to submit a recommendation from your current supervisor, you must explain your reason. If you are a re-applicant from last year, please explain how your candidacy has improved since your last application.

For more information, refer to New York University Stern’s web site.

Good luck to all of you applying to Stern!!


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