UCLA Anderson: Withdrawn Application

UCLA Anderson logoLast week I asked the Admissions Office to withdrew my application to UCLA.

After being left on the summer waitlist, I exchanged several emails with admissions officers to learn why was I being kept on the waitlist. UCLA offers feedback only to those not admited into the program, and as I was still on the waitlist, they could not tell me anything about my application.

I wasn’t expecting anything to change on my profile, as I have been unable to focus on the GMAT (highest 640), and I don’t plan to retake it in the coming months. I want to make sure that the next time I take the test I get a decent score. On top of that, the test has a new format, and I need to prepare myself to perform well on the new section.

On the other hand, as an international applicant, I need enough time to ask for a Visa, so it did not make much sense to be on the summer waitlist. So finally, I asked UCLA Anderson to withdrew my application from the waitlist.

Besides the GMAT, I need to improve other aspects of my application, and I have already started to take action in this direction. Over the coming weeks I plan to make important decisions that I hope will help me improve my profile. Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.


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