Next Destination: Austria

As you all know, I had no luck applying to business school this year. After the initial disappointment, and realize that my plan would be delayed, I began thinking about my next move in order to reapply to top MBA programs and to keep growing, both professional and personally.

I consider myself a person that enjoys facing new challenges and living new experiences. I have always sought international professional opportunities, and finally an opportunity has come up for me, and just at the right moment. I will move to Austria to work for a multinational company, where I will have the chance to lead bigger teams, acquire new knowledge, gain international experience, learn a new language, taking a step forward in my professional career.

I am really excited about this new opportunity, and I think that I will learn a lot from this experience. I’ll let you know more about this move over the coming weeks.

Österreich, here I come!!


2 thoughts on “Next Destination: Austria

  1. ¡Suena bien! ¡Muchas suerte!

    Posiblemente también sea mi destino en unos meses, estoy pensando en irme cuando terminar la carrera en Septiembre a Viena a estudiar Alemán y buscar un futuro mejor.

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