Fuqua Application Almost Completed

Duke Fuqua School of Business logoIt is almost done!! After working after lunch on my application to Fuqua, I have corrected some minor changes that I wanted to make to my application, and it is almost over!

This year I have to write an additional essay: the re-applicant essay. It’s a two page essay in which you have to explain why you are a better applicant this year than in the previous. You have to show real improvement here, i.e. promotions, change of jobs, or improvement on the GMAT or TOEFL. I have given a lot of thought to this essay, and I think I have come to a good end.

Today was great for sitting and finishing my essays, as I am exhausted! On Friday I participated on a run organized in the city where I live in Vorarlberg. Yesterday I did a 6 hour trekking near Warth and Schröcken (famous skiing areas). I was amazed by the beauty of the place! Check out these pictures and judge by yourself.

Views from Saloberjet

Views from the Körbersee Berghotel

I think I should submit my application tomorrow. I hope I get better luck than last year!


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