10 Days for Fuqua Interview Invitations

Duke Fuqua School of Business logoTime passes by, and Fuqua is about to send interview invitations for its daytime MBA program.

Fuqua has two different interview options: on-campus and off-campus. When applying on Early Action, international applicants and those who live in the West Coast of the US can request an off-campus interview; otherwise, an on-campus interview must be scheduled.

I have requested an off-campus interview. You can select several locations, and I have chosen Austria, Munich (Germany), or Zurich (Switzerland). My current location allows me to easily travel between these three countries 🙂

Interview invitations are sent on the 9th of October, and the off-campus interview period goes from the 11th to 16th. You have to plan in advance to be able to interview in any of those days. Keep this in mind if you are applying on other rounds, as they also have fixed interview dates.

In 10 days I should receive news from Admissions! Last year I applied on second round and I was invited to interview in Madrid, and it went really well. I hope I am as lucky as last year! Final decisions are sent on the 3oth of October.


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