Fuqua: Invited to Interview!!!

Duke Fuqua School of Business logoGREAT NEWS!!

I have just received the Fuqua invitation to interview for their daytime MBA program!! This is the second time I have received an interview invitation from Fuqua, as last year I was waitlisted on Round 2.

I am supposed to received more details tonight, such as the date and location for the interview. I will let you know as soon as I get the specific instructions.


2 thoughts on “Fuqua: Invited to Interview!!!

  1. Goodluck sir! ……I always loved that name, Fuqua!. I was staffed once to a project and a guy seating a bar got approached by another guy who screamed “Fuqua!!!!!!!!!!!!” across the bar. Next thing you know, there are ten other “Fuqua” guys all around the bar, screaming “Fuqua!, Fuqua!, Fuqua!” all night….

    • Hilarious!!
      Thanks a lot! Will keep you updated about the outcome. I still have no fixed date, even though it must be done before the 16th!

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