My (second) Fuqua Interview

Duke Fuqua School of Business logoIt’s done! I feel like I weight 50kg less now that I got it out of my way. I have just been interviewed to The Duke MBA for the second time (also applied to Fuqua last year, and also was interviewed).

I was supposed to had the interview yesterday, but my interviewer emailed me to see if we could postpone it for today, as she had a problem at the airport, and was not going to make it on time for the interview. I was assigned a Skype interview, which is more cold, as you miss a lot of body language, which I find critical for interviews.

My interviewer was a second year student. She has four years of experience in strategy consulting at Deloitte, so the basic groundwork was already there, as I also worked for four years in consulting. She introduced herself, talked about her professional experience and her activities at Fuqua, and we then began the chat. Fuqua is one of those schools that use the interview to find out whether you fit into their school, which leads to a conversation rather than an interview with tricky questions.

After I introduced myself,  and walked her through my resume, we then talked about the following questions:

  1. Why did I recently switched jobs?
  2. What do I like most about this new job?
  3. Why do I want to do an MBA?
  4. Why Fuqua?
  5. How do I think that an ideal team should work?
  6. What would be my role in that team?
  7. What leadership experience do I have outside work?
  8. How would I get involve at Fuqua?
  9. What three things would a friend of mine say about me?
  10. What skill am I looking forward to develop at Fuqua (what is my weakness)?
  11. What do I do for fun?
  12. Anything else that I want to tell Admissions?

After that, I asked some questions… and after 40 minutes, we were done! My impression about the interview is much better than last year’s. I think that I connected really well with my interviewer. Furthermore, I did a better job selling myself, and showing that I am a great fit for the school.

She showed pleased about how the interview turned out to, and she told me that she would give feedback to Admissions.

Now it’s time to wait. On October 30 I will know whether I am finally admitted to Fuqua, in just 2 weeks!


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