I had almost forgotten what it felt like. The endless awaiting phase to hearing from Admissions.

You finally get the invite to interview, you prepare it as best as possible, and then… silence! You must wait for days to learn the outcome of your application process. If I count the days that I have spent over the last year waiting to get news from Fuqua… that’s a lot of contained excitement!

Even though this year the process is going much faster than the last one (another good reason of Early Action), the overall application process seems and feels the same. I have just been waiting for one week after my interview, and every day I look forward, and dread at the same time, the 30th of October, when I’ll get news from Fuqua.

I can’t help imagining myself being accepted!! My mind fast forwards to the moment I must pack my stuff and move to Durham to meet all my class mates and to finally start my MBA experience at Fuqua.

Positive expectations bring good things šŸ™‚ (positive thinking power).


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