Admitted to Fuqua!!!!

ADMITTED TO FUQUA!!Duke Fuqua School of Business logo


After all this time struggling and working really hard to get here, I have finally made it!!

Earlier this evening, I got an email from Admissions. I was so nervous when clicking on the link to find out the outcome, that my whole body started to shake… and then… it was there!!!

Congratulations! I am delighted to offer you admission to The Duke MBA Class of 2015.

At The Fuqua School of Business, we seek individuals who are: team players and strong leaders; incredibly brilliant and human; analytically deep and globally minded, who make a positive impact on both workplace and community. We are seeking leaders of consequence. We believe that you are one.

The Duke MBA will provide you the opportunity to expand your business skills within a community of diverse and deeply engaged students and faculty members. Here you will find unlimited ways to learn and grow, including leading student clubs, competing in case and business plan competitions, and embedding yourself in the business and culture of other regions of the world through our multitude of international programs. In short, I am confident that you will find The Duke MBA experience to be two of the most challenging and rewarding years of your life.

I can’t help thinking about all the people that helped me get to this point. First, and most importantly, my wife. She has suffered the most over the last two years my failures and accomplishments. My family and friends, who had to deal with not seeing me as often as they would have liked it to, and had to bear my speeches about MBAs and stuff like that. My recommenders, who took a lot of time preparing and submitting my recommendations to the different schools. All the people from club-mba, who advised me and cheered me when things where really complicated. And finally, special thanks to Lluís and José María, who helped me a lot preparing my Fuqua application, getting ready for my interviews and advising me how to improve my profile for my second attempt applying to Fuqua, thank you guys!

I can’t write much more right now, as I’m still in shock! In the coming days I’ll let you know more about my future plans, just wanted to share with you the good news!


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