Decided to Become Part of Team Fuqua!

Duke Fuqua School of Business logoI have made up my mind and I have decided to attend Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business! I still can’t believe that I am writing this post, I have dreamed about this moment for so long, and now it is finally here!

Earlier this year I decided to apply just to Fuqua; it was my first option and I wanted to keep the ball rolling after all the good feelings from last year. By doing this I was risking a lot, as I risked having to wait another year to start business school. I wanted to focus my strengths in my top choice, and if things didn’t go as planned, I would have stayed here in Austria one more year and would have kept improving my CV.

But my plan did work out! I have just accepted an offer from Fuqua in November, with plenty of time to make preparations, start networking, learn as much as I can about the program and prepare myself to start the MBA in shape. I guess that is why everyone recommends to start the admission process as early as possible.

In the next posts I will share with you my reasons for going to Fuqua. I can tell you now that the main reason is for its teamwork and collaborative environment, characteristics that I find critical for a good leader.

I will also tell you what things I have to do now, but one thing is clear: you realize when you are accepted to business school that the real game is just starting.


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