The Day After Admission

Duke Fuqua School of Business logoSo I have finally made it, now what?!

The initial shock and long hours of exultancy gave way to reflexions and preparations. Right when you get the admission notification, you get the first to-do list:

  1. Register to the Language Institute – is an introductory course for non-native English speakers that takes place from July 8-19.
  2. Make the non-refundable tuition deposit.
  3. Send official transcripts to the school.
  4. Return the confirmation card accepting the admission offer.
  5. Begin networking with my future classmates – I have already joined the Facebook group for the Fuqua class of 2015!
  6. Visit the Incoming Student Website (ISW) – special web page for admitted students with lots of useful information.
  7. Start completing visa paperwork.

After I could think straight again, I realized that my admission was real, and that I had to get to work as soon as possible, my confirmation card and transcripts should be in The Office of Admission by November 28! I have been doing a lot of reading about Fuqua, what to expect over the first months and how to prepare myself for the MBA kick-off.

And thanks to the Fuqua Buddy Program, a program that connects current MBA students at Fuqua with admitted students, I have met my buddy, an ex-Accenture who is into entrepreneurship and consulting as I am. I have already scheduled a Skype conversation with him to be able to ask him all the questions that are pilling in my to-do/to-ask list (I have already downloaded a couple of apps for my iPhone…).

Finally, today I received my admission packet! I was really exited when I got the envelope.

Fuqua admission packetI am also thinking about attending the Blue Devil Weekend on February…


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