Why to Choose Fuqua

Deciding among all the business schools which one is your favorite, and in case you have several admissions offers which one will you accept, can be challenging. It took me a while deciding which one was my top choice, but as I gathered more information about business schools and talked with more students and alumni, I was able to narrow my list to just 4 schools.

Last year I applied to 4 business schools (Fuqua, Kellogg, Booth and Anderson). However, this year I had an even clearer impression about what kind of MBA I wanted and to what school I wanted to go: Fuqua School of Business.

Duke Fuqua School of Business logo

My reasons for choosing Fuqua among other business schools are the following:

Its people

  • The people that I have met are fantastic. We had similar concerns and likes, and I quickly connected with them. They also helped me a lot during the application process, answering all of my questions about the school and its program.
  • One of the key factor about Fuquans is the enthusiasm and proudness they reflect when talking about their school.
  • With a class size of approximately 430, the background, cultures and countries present at Fuqua is amazing.

Its environment

  • Team Fuqua: this is something you must know in case you are interested in Fuqua. I think of Team Fuqua as a way of naming what you experience at Fuqua, in terms of academics and professional exposure: team work, collaboration, involvement, trust,  and respect. Personally, I identify myself with all these characteristics.
  • Fun: to be honest, this is one of the schools were people have FUN while learning and working. Once again, something imperative for me.
  • TONS activities going on every week, both for students and partners.
  • Must-not-miss events, such as camp-out and blue cup competition. You can find plenty of information about this in Google. These events are awesome!
  • Enjoyable, supportive environment for my wife. She will be able to participate in many school’s activities, and she can go to classes, fact that we both found to be really important.

Its program, recently ranked 6th in Business Week MBA Ranking 2012

  • Excellent professors
  • Flexible and highly customizable curriculum, you decide what you want to learn.
  • Many concentrations to choose from; Entrepreneurship and Innovation is the one that most interests me.
  • Support before the MBA starts such as the Language Institute, a preparation course for international students.
  • Pays attention to how leaders should be like. All students take the Global Institute, where they learn about ethics, leadership, and global business.

Its location

  • It’s a place where you will not freeze during the winter, nor melt during the summer.
  • Perfect weather for sports and outdoor activities.
  • East Coast, so my family and friends can come to visit me more easily.
  • Duke is located within the Research Triangle, meaning lots of opportunities to learn and contribute.

Financial aid

  • All kinds of financial aids and loans. International students have access to loans without the need of a consignor.

Strong alumni network

  • Alumni working in most of the best companies in the world.
  • Always willing to help.
  • They are an important source of information and of immense help.
  • Each applicant has his/her own reasons for applying to certain business school. I found this aspect extremely valuable for writing credible essays and during the interview process.

And finally and most important…

The feeling

At the end it always comes down to your instincts: what are your feeling about something? I have always followed my heart, and when it came to business schools, I had a special feeling about Fuqua.

Each applicant has his/her own reasons for applying to certain business school. I found this aspect extremely valuable for writing credible essays and during the interview process.


7 thoughts on “Why to Choose Fuqua

  1. I think you made a great choice. I have several friends that did their MBA there and they loved it. The staff are really friendly as well and Duke has a fantastic reputation. Good luck.

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