Background Verification Process: Educational Verification

Last week I received an e-mail from the company doing the background verification process for Fuqua. They had already started working verifying the information that I provided in my application, and asked for my help.

They contacted my University, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, but were unable to perform the educational verification check. Due to the data protection law, they needed me to contact my University and give them permission to get the following data:

  • Degree earned
  • Major earned
  • Date of graduation

Every admitted student has to send their official transcripts to Admission. In my official transcripts appeared my degree and major earned. I even sent to Admission an official translation which stated the date of my graduation. I contacted my University and gave the company conducting the verification process permission to get this information.

It seems that this company conducts a verification in all data of the application, despite the official information already provided by admitted students. I hope that this step is already done, and that they have moved forward verifying the rest of my application.

I will keep you updated in case there any other update.


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