Busy as Always

Happy New Year!

This is my first post of 2013. I want to wish you the best for this year, and that you accomplish all your goals. Anything is possible with hard work, commitment and believing in oneself.

I’ve been really quite lately, but there is not really much to tell. I spent almost two weeks in Madrid during Christmas, and it was a non-stop vacation, as I had a lot of things to do and many people to visit. I am still planning a lot of stuff about my move to The US next July. I will relocate along with my wife and our Golden Retriever. Currently we are researching all possible housing options, learning about what to expect once we get there and requesting financial aids.

Even though every Duke admitted student has the option of getting a loan for the total cost of attendance (tuition plus living expenses), as a Spaniard I have the chance of applying to several scholarships of different organizations that award financial aid to outstanding students, professional with impressive career paths, or individuals with a great idea for the Spanish society.

It is a very demanding process, and the competence for such scholarships can be compared to the application process to a top business schools. You have to fill an online application, write an essay-form report about you need for an MBA and future goals. Also, you need letters of recommendations from supervisors, sometimes even from university teachers. So I don’t have as much free time as I had expected when I was admitted to Fuqua!

I am also busy visiting the region where I live. So far, what I liked most is the South of Germany (Baden-Wurtemberg and Baviera). In a couple of weeks we will make our first visits to Austrian ski areas, which are supposed to be awesome! I will try to go snowboarding every week. We also have planned trips to Munich and Zurich, and we are considering visiting Salzburg, Vienna, Milano, Venice, Stuttgart and Berlin!

Let me show you some of the German and Austrian cities that we have visited lately:


Lindau – Germany


Innsbruck – Austria


Konstanz – Germany


Kempten – Germany

Besides being a tourist, I am also helping my wife with a business that she is starting. And, of course, I am also working! I haven’t told my company about my plans of attending business school yet, so I am working normally. Every new day I get new responsibilities and assignments, and I keep learning about Project and Product Management roles. Even though I was hired as a Project Manager at a software company, I am collaborating very closely with the Product Management team, so I am basically developing two roles at one, which is awesome!

Finally, as I didn’t have enough, I am considering preparing the GMAT. Yeah, I’m a crazy guy. Even though I want to focus my MBA on entrepreneurship, I want to keep all doors open for my future, and going back to consulting is a very tempting option. I would like to land a job at a top firm, and the GMAT score is a factor that recruiters take into account. So I should really try to improve my 640 score!

I am gathering as much up-to-date material as possible to start all over with the test and, thanks to my friend Borja, I have a good start point. I plan to do a practice test during the next weeks, and if the feelings are good, I will definitely start preparing the GMAT once again.

I never lower my guard, and I am always looking for my next goal to accomplish. I’m lucky, soon I will have plenty of them! 🙂


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