Looking for an apartment

Time flies, and we have less than six months left before moving to Durham. My wife and I are considering flying to Raleigh (closest airport to Durham) on the 1st of July. That would give me a week before the Language Institute starts (introductory course for non-native English speakers), allowing me to settle down, recover from the jetlag, purchase a cell phone, open a bank account, utilities… I could go on!

We decided to start taking some decisions, such as where are we going to live during the next two years! This month we got more serious searching for apartments. There are a couple of unofficial Fuqua guides that cover this topic, but in case you are curious about it, I will let you know the different housing options available for MBA students.

Most students live off campus, as there are a wide variety of options. Prices vary from year to year, even from month to month! Therefore, you would need to contact each apartment for an up to date pricing information.

Next, you can find a list of the most popular places where Fuquans live, and a map that will help you identifying the location of each apartment:

  • Station Nine – http://www.stationnine.com
  • West Village – http://www.westvillagedurham.com
  • Lofts at Lakeview – http://www.loftsatlakeview.com
  • Trinity Commons – http://www.trinitycommons.com
  • Addington Farms – http://www.addingtonfarms.com
  • Alden Place Apartments – http://www.aldenplaceapartments.com
  • Alexan Garrett Farms – http://www.alexangarrettfarms.com
  • 20130115-151354.jpg

    It seems that I will not be the only Spaniard at Fuqua next year. Another Spaniard was admitted last week and seems to have accepted the admissions offer! Alberto, congrats once again! Currently, there are two Spaniards in the 2013 class, a none in the 2014. We have a lot of work to do to increase the Spanish presence at Fuqua and to grow the Spanish alumni network!


    2 thoughts on “Looking for an apartment

    1. Hello! I live in Chapel Hill, which is 20 minutes from Durham. I go University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and I also am a business school student! I was inspired in many ways as I were reading your blog! Thank you so much and I think you are so amazing! By the way, I also am a student studying abroad as a Korean. I really would love to ask you few questions about GMAT. Are you busy lately??

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