Enjoying the Snow

We are being lucky, as this winter we are having many snowfalls! Even though the region where I live in Austria is well known for its ski resorts, it’s not usual to have too much snow in the cities (my city is less than 500 meters above sea level).

Four days ago we had a great snowfall, and temperatures are really low. Just so you have an idea, last Friday at 6pm the temperature was -9ºC!! Since then, the highest temperature has been 0ºC. This has caused the main river that crosses my city to freeze.

Vorarlberg is not the only region in Austria that is experiencing this severe weather. Earlier this week, in the opposite side of the country, Vienna’s airport was closed for many hours because of a huge snowfall.

The low temperatures prevent the snow from melting, leaving us with amazing landscapes. I will really miss this weather once I move to Durham. Until then, I will continue enjoying the snow, and the walks through snowed forests!

Frozen river

Frozen river in Vorarlberg

My dog also loves the snow

My dog also loves the snow!


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