Last Months of Work

Earlier this week I announced to my boss that I would leave the company to study an MBA. After the initial shock, we started talking about this move and he understood my reasons for pursuing my dream of going to the US to start an MBA.

Even though they wanted to me stay, I made it clear that the decision was firm, and we fixed my final day of work. I will be working until mid of May, when I will fly to Spain to enjoy of a well deserved vacations, visiting family and friends and going to the beach.

I am already looking forward to spend some days in my home town, Cádiz, and enjoy some days at one of the best beaches in the Spanish Peninsula: La Barrosa. It is located in Chiclana, near Cádiz. This beach is well known within Spain, and has a lot of Spanish tourism, as well as from other countries. It is not as crowded as the Mediterranean beaches, something that I really appreciate.

La Barrosa beach, Chiclana (Cádiz)

La Barrosa beach, Chiclana (Cádiz)

But before going on vacations, I have to face my last two months of work. Currently I am working on several projects, so I will try to finish or transfer them as best as possible to a colleague. Afterwards, I will live almost two years as a student. I am already eager to grab my bagpack and head to school!


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