The End of the Austrian Winter

After a very long winter, cloudy days and many snowfalls -locals are amazed by how much it has snowed in my city- the sun starts to make an appearance. You can hear birds singing and the floor has changed from white to green. I have survived my first Central-European winter!


It’s being a while since we had an entirely clear-sunny day. I find myself staring at the sun, trying to breath it in, loosing sense of where I am. It’s funny, now I understand how “guiris” -Spanish name for North European and English-speaking tourists”- feel when they arrive in Spain! You can identify them staring at the sun, like a sunflower, anywhere in any Spanish city, while Spaniards walk by without appreciating the sun of the sunny Spain.

I love the winter. I love the snow. I love cold days. But I think I might have had enough! I am already looking forward to enjoying a cold beer in a terrace at the Marktplace (downtown, where you can find during the weekends a market for buying vegetables, cheese and all sorts of hand made products). I just want to sit there, put on my sun glasses and stare at the sun…

Have I become a guiri?

PS: just checked the weather forecast. Starting tomorrow, it will by cloudy for a whole week. This is what happens when you speak too soon…


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