Starting to Experience Team Fuqua

Just two months and a half to start my MBA at Fuqua! My MBA will officially kick off on July 8, as I have to complete the Language Institute, an special program for international students -I promise to write more about this on another post.

My wife and I are making a lot of progress with preparations, and we already have an apartment at Alexan Garrett Farms, a quite new complex located less than 10 minutes drive from the school. The place seems amazing, with a swimming pool, barbecues and fitness center. Many Fuquans live there, and all of them have told us that is a really comfortable and good place to live in.

Alexan Garrett Farms Apartments

Alexan Garrett Farms Apartments

We have also bought a car from a second year student, an SUV which I can’t wait to drive through Durham or in one of our many trips around the US. To be able to drive in North Carolina, everyone must get an state driver license, so I will have to prepare for the test before moving to Durham. I will also talk about this in the future.

But first, we will leave Austria in 14 days and plan to be in Madrid for some weeks. I have already booked an appointment at the US Spanish embassy to request our visas. Once I get them, I will write a post  -they are piling up!- specifically about student visas, all the needed paperwork and the application process.

Go Duke!

Go Duke!

Meanwhile, I am getting to know some of my future classmates on Facebook, as I was not able to make it last week to the Blue Devil Weekend (BDW), which I heard was awesome! Overall, BDW is a long weekend designed for admitted and prospective students, organized by current students and partners, where you can meet your future classmates, discover the school, the city, look for apartments and so on. A great opportunity to check if Fuqua is the right place for you.

Getting back to the subject, we have a Facebook group page solely for admitted students of the class of 2015, supported by some first and second year students. First it was a great source of valuable information, and the perfect channel for getting in contact with more students at Fuqua, being able to get more points of view about living locations, health insurances and more.

But now the group just exploded. Everyone is sharing lots of useful information, such as great opportunities to connect with future recruiters in one of many informational events, contacts and rates for different apartments throughout Durham, sharing opportunities for buying furniture, cars…

Other students are using the group to get to know one another and to meet other admits in their region. For instance, folks in NY have already arranged 4 reunions at different restaurants or bars. I plan to set up one in Spain once I get there, as there are several Spaniards admitted and also people from abroad currently living there.

Many admits are also arranging trips by themselves and inviting others to different parts of the world: Africa, Europe, South America, Asia… you name it! There is an admitted student living or planning to travel to almost anywhere in the world this summer. For instance, my wife an I are traveling to Venice (Italy) on May 3 to meet another Spanish couple accepted to Fuqua, but first they will visit us this weekend. Adán, already looking forward to have you here in Austria!

More recently, it has become popular to starting gathering people interested in the same, such as soccer -many comments where made yesterday after Barcelona’s defeat against Bayern Munich-, crossfit or, the one I am more excited about, kitesurf. The Outer Banks, located in the coast of North Carolina, is a famous and awesome place to practice this sport. Just check this amazing video!

Not that I will be able to ride in these conditions, but I look forward to traveling there several times in the next two years :).

I am more excited than ever about this experience, and I am counting the days for it to start.


2 thoughts on “Starting to Experience Team Fuqua

  1. Ya no queda nada para que os visitemos por tierras tirolesas! Esperemos que no nieve otra vez este fin de semana por allí

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