End of Vacations and Begining to Pack

Time flies, and we just have 13 days left here in Spain before moving to the US to start my MBA at Fuqua. We have been in Spain for more than a month now, and I am taking the chance to save strengths for the next month, meeting with friends and visiting my family, which is scattered all over Spain.

We have been in four cities in Spain over the last month: we have been living in Madrid, we visited Santiago de Compostela, we spent two weeks in Cádiz and we went to Huelva for a wedding.

Vacations in Spain

Vacations in Spain

In Santiago de Compostela I visited my dad’s family. Santiago is a beautiful pilgrimage location, famous for its cathedral and the Way of St. James.

Santiago de Compostela is a famous pilgrimage city due to its Cathedral

Santiago’s downtown

Santiago's famous Cathedral

Santiago’s famous Cathedral

After visiting Santiago, we went all the way South to the state of Cádiz, my hometown. Since I was a kid, we spent all summer in La Barrosa, an amazing tourist destination next to Cádiz. This a very famous tourist destination among the Spaniards, although you can also find lots of tourists from Germany and England. Its main attraction is the beach, aquatic sports and the sun, which shines in a completely different way there -it is more intense and brighter. This region is commonly know as “Costa de la luz” (Coast of Light).

Enjoying the beach before sundown

Enjoying the beach before sundown

La Barrosa beach – sundown

La Barrosa beach - sundown

La Barrosa beach – sundown

Another thing worth mentioning is the food: our diet in Spain and the quality of our products is AWESOME! Since I got here, I got some weight! Fish, meat, vegetables, sea food, bread, rice, olive oil… I love going to the town’s local market and buying fresh fish and sea food, and also some good meat. Furthermore, you can also order some food to eat at the local market and have a glass of wine or a fresh beer siting at a terrace under the bright sun, I just love Spain!

Currently I am back in Madrid, and plan to stay here until I take the flight to the USA. I have lots of things to do before we move, and also I have to take a couple of required courses before starting the MBA.

Today we began to pack, as we are sending some of our stuff by parcel service. The countdown has already began: 12 days left!


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