Duke’s Immunization Requirements (Update)

Just two days left before moving to Durham!!!!!

This week’s been really crazy doing lots of things: meeting up with friends and family to say goodbye, setting up our utilities for our new home in North Carolina and finishing preparing our move there. I have also been doing some pre courses that are required before starting my MBA at Fuqua, I will talk more about this in another post.

Going back to the subject, if you remember my first post about immunizations requirements, I mentioned that I had to go to the doctor and run some tests. Even though all my antibodies were ok, I could not prove which vaccines have I had during my life, as I lost all my medical records in one of my last moves (I’ve moved home 5 times during the last 3 years!).

So, once I got back to Spain, I tried to find some proof of my vaccines at my parents’, and I just found an official US document of 1998, when I moved to the US to study High School, that proved which vaccines I had back in that year. Thanks to this paper, I was just required to have two vaccines, which I had this week. However, I decided to take an extra one, just in case :).


Now one of my arms is killing me because of a reaction, but besides that, I am all set and healthy to start my studies!


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