Finally, in Durham

We are finally in Durham!!

We arrived on Monday night, almost 24 hours after we left our home in Madrid. We arrived exhausted but really excited, we were finally in the States! My wife and I traveled with our dog, and once we got to our hotel -our apartment was empty and we needed to pay a visit to Ikea first- we met with two other Spanish Fuquans and a Fuqua partner (an spouse of a Fuqua student).

On Tuesday, the first thing we did was registering at Duke’s Visa Services Office. Then we headed to open a bank account, buy cell phones, grab the keys to our apartments… It impressed us  that we could find something related to Duke anywhere, such as decorations in a local restaurant.

Duke is everywhere

Wednesday was crazy, and I am still recovering from all the hard work: we and the other Spaniards went to Ikea, located in Charlotte -2 hours drive from Durham- and bought everything to decorate our homes. We rented a truck at U-Haul and filled 18 shopping carts, which then we had to load and unload from the truck in each of our apartments. I -right of the picture- was in charge of driving the truck!

Despite the hard work, we had lots of fun!

Despite the hard work, we had lots of fun!

First things first, we needed a bed!

First things first, we needed a bed!


Shopping carts always full!

Shopping carts always full!

That night I went to bed around 3 in the morning, completely exhausted. It was our first night in our apartment, which now is starting to look like a real home. Our community is awesome, and the facilities look great. This picture was taken from our living room.

AGFSo far we are really happy in Durham, and we think that this is an awesome place to live in. Durham is literally surrounded by forests and the climate is very humid. We’ve had temperatures of 96ºF (33ºC), which feel even more because of the humidity. There were also several storms but, after half an hour, the sun shines even brighter.

Tomorrow classes start for international students!! From Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. I will post about it during the week.


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